know THE NY STATE LAWS regarding the repair of your vehicle!

In New York you have the absolute right to select the collision repair shop of your choice to make repairs. No insurance company, independent agent, representative, appraiser, adjuster or staff member of an insurance company can legally force you to or away from any specific repair shop or require that your repairs be made by any specific repair shop.

•  You have the right to have your vehicle towed to any autobody shop you choose
•  You do not have to use your insurers claims center or direct repair shop
•  You do not need to obtain two or three auto body repair estimates or appraisals
•  Your insurer must pay to restore your vehicle to it's pre-accident condition
•  Your insurer must negotiate in good faith with the auto body shop you choose
•  Your insurer must inspect vehicle at any shop you choose within 6 working days

Why Some Insurers Steer You to Their Direct Repair Body Shops!

Some Insurance companies use many different methods to keep the cost of a claim down. One method of doing this has been to make agreements with repair shops, whereby the shop keeps costs down for the insurance company, and in return the insurance companies steers as much work as they can to these shops.

Some Insurance Companies have many different names for their DRP shops, (service first, pro shop, blue ribbon shop, etc...) They will try to sell you on the many benefits of using these shops, but, you should be aware of the reasons why your insurance company would like to "steer you" to bring your vehicle to their "approved" repair shops.

•  They may provide discounts to the insurance comp by cutting corners on your repair
•  They may limit the scope of repairs as defined by an insurance comp representative
•  They may hide damage that may be left un-repaired without reporting to vehicle owner
•  They may utilize inferior parts and materials as dictated by the insurance company
•  They may back the insurance comp in the event of dispute between owner and insurer

Tactics Some Insurers Use to steer you to Their Body Shops!

When you tell your insurance company that you have chosen your own auto body repair shop these are typically the tactics that some will use to steer you to their shops:

•  That body shop charges too much, be careful you may have to pay the difference
•  We're not sure if that body shop has the proper equipment to repair your vehicle
•  That body shop may not warranty their work, use the shop we recommend
•  That body shop you want to go to is not on our preferred repair shop list
•  We have had a lot of problems working with that auto body shop in the past
•  It will take a long time to get an appraiser to see your vehicle at that body shop
•  If you use the body shop we recommend you won't have to wait for an appraiser
•  If you go to the body shop we recommend you will not have to wait for a check
•  If you have a problem with that body shop we will not be able to assist you

why choose tony minervini auto body shop for your repairs?

Tony Minervini Autobody will provide you with a fair and reasonable quote, the highest quality repair with guaranteed workmanship, exceptional customer service with complete satisfaction and "no corner-cutting nonsense" to save your insurance company money.

From minor dents and scratches to major collision damage to your Car, Truck, SUV or Motor Cycle, please feel free to stop by the body shop Mon thru Fri from 9am to 5pm or contact Tony today at 845-338-1887 and schedule a free estimate at your convenience.

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